TT API Developer Help 7.17.X
CreateNewOrderProfile Method (Order)

Session object representing the trader's credentials
Returns an order profile based on this order to use for creating a brand new order
Dim instance As Order
Dim session As Session
Dim value As OrderProfileBase
value = instance.CreateNewOrderProfile(session)
public OrderProfileBase CreateNewOrderProfile( 
   Session session
public: OrderProfileBase* CreateNewOrderProfile( 
   Session* session


Session object representing the trader's credentials

Return Value

OrderProfileBase object containing the same information as this order

This method allows you to create a new order pre-loaded with the information from an existing order. It creates an OrderProfile with a new site order key, so when you submit the order, the TT API submits a new order.

If you want to modify this order using this order's information as a base, you can use the GetOrderProfile method.



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