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CreateNewOrderProfile Method (OrderProfile)

Returns an order profile based on this profile to use for creating a brand new order
Dim instance As OrderProfile
Dim value As OrderProfileBase
value = instance.CreateNewOrderProfile()
public override OrderProfileBase CreateNewOrderProfile()
public: OrderProfileBase* CreateNewOrderProfile(); override 

Return Value

New order profile object (derived from OrderProfileBase) with a new site order key

This method allows you to create a new order pre-loaded with the information from this order profile. It creates an OrderProfile with a new site order key, so when you submit the order, the TT API submits a new order. The TT API populates the SiteOrderKey property with the unique key you can use to track all orders and fills generated from the order profile.

When you create an order profile, the TT API looks that the property values and determines whether the TT Gateway that provides the instrument can support the order natively. Based on this determination, this method returns one of the following objects derived from the OrderProfileBase class:



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